Airdrop Alert

Airdrop Alert: Belacam

Airdrop Alert: Belacam

Today’s airdrop recommendation is Belacam. It’s airdropping 21 bela tokens. Airdrop participants can also share their referral link to get a minimum of 10 bela tokens and a maximum of 25 bela tokens per referral.

How It Works

Belacam is an Instagram-like platform that pays you. It’s a social media site where interactions – or “likes” – allow users to get paid. If you make a post and someone likes it, you receive a small amount of bela tokens as payment. And when you like someone else’s post, you send them a small bela payment.

You can cash out your bela anytime by withdrawing it and selling it on an exchange for bitcoin.

Bela’s price fluctuates as people trade it in real time. It’s currently trading on CoinMarketCap for $0.02.

Why We Like It

Belacam offers an easy way to make money. Instead of giving content away for a thumbs-up, you’re giving it the chance to earn money.

Another reason to like Belacam: It’s a simple system that incentivizes its users. The more they post, the bigger their chance to earn. Belacam CEO Tyler Marx says original content earns the most likes, so users will be incentivized to create their own content. The sharing of that content then expands the Belacam universe. It’s a feedback loop that’s easy to understand.

Belacam’s social interaction economy makes sense in our social media-saturated culture. We are in the age of Instagram influencers, after all. Influencers make money by building a loyal following and using their credibility to sell products. Belacam allows users to make money through their content without needing a massive following upfront.

The Team

Marx is a young entrepreneur. He currently studies economics at the University of Virginia and is due to graduate in 2020. But he’s had an eye for business since 2012, when he and his father founded Broad Bay Boards. The company sells skateboards and longboards branded with college logos and mascots. In 2016, Tyler won the National Federation of Independent Business/McKee Foods Young Entrepreneur Award for Broad Bay Boards.

How to Claim the Airdrop

Go to the Belacam AirdropAlert page here. Then follow the steps listed there. You’ll need to create a Belacam account and complete a few tasks.

Even if you define yourself as social media un-savvy, this opportunity is appealing. You don’t have to use Facebook, Twitter or any of the other massively popular social media sites and get yourself a minimum amount of followers. You just need to sign up, post and get liked/paid.

Good investing,

Allison Brickell

Assistant Managing Editor, First Stage Investor

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