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Airdrop Alert: Huddl

Airdrop Alert: Huddl
By Adam Sharp
Date February 5, 2019

Huddl is a promising new crypto project. It’s a new financial services company that gives all investors access to sophisticated Wall Street trading strategies and the ability to invest in hedge funds and alternative asset classes (private equity, commercial real estate, etc.). The Huddl token will play an important role on this planned platform.

The Huddl investment platform aims to offer users lower fees and minimum investments ($5) on these products, which are typically out of reach for most investors.

The Huddl token will be used as an incentive (rewards program) and payment mechanism on the platform. Users will be able to earn tokens by inviting friends and family to the platform, investing, and participating in this airdrop. Huddl is not trading yet, so there is no estimated value to this airdrop. However, each user can earn up to 50 tokens for completing the airdrop steps and 10 more for each person they refer.

Huddl was founded by executives from major financial firms, including BlackRock, State Street, Deloitte and Mastercard (read more about the team here).

I recommend watching Huddl’s introduction video on YouTube and checking out its home page.

Here is the project description from

Huddl is a transformative mobile platform launched by former BlackRock and Mastercard executives. Huddl allows you to turn their social network into an investment network, and invest with your friends and family. The collective purchasing power unlocks access to premium investments like pre-IPO stocks, hedge funds, private equity, previously available only to the wealthy.

The HUDDL token is an incentive and payment mechanism that monetizes the utility of the Huddl network. More than a third of the HUDDL token supply is allocated to users. You can earn tokens by adding value to the Huddl platform in various ways, like referring friends, making investments, etc. Pay with tokens, or stake them, to receive even deeper fee discounts.

How to Participate in the Airdrop

You can find the full airdrop instructions on You will be directed to Huddl’s home page and will need to sign up for its email newsletter. This will earn you 10 tokens once you verify your email address (click the link it sends to the email you sign up with).

Then follow the instructions and share Huddl on your social media as directed. After you sign up with your email on Huddl’s home page, you will be provided a referral link that you can use to invite others to Huddl. Each successful referral will gain you an additional 10 HUDDL.

Important Notes

Never give anyone your password or private keys. NO legitimate airdrop will ask for that stuff.

Never reuse your email or exchange passwords. Always use unique, random passwords. Write them down and store them somewhere safe. We also recommend setting up a separate email account for airdrops.

Good investing,

Adam Sharp
Co-Founder, First Stage Investor

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