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Airdrop Alert: Omnicoin

Airdrop Alert: Omnicoin
By Vin Narayanan
Date November 20, 2018

Note: Remember, airdrops are free crypto. Companies use airdrops to promote use and awareness of the coin. Investors hope the coins rise in value. There’s no risk in play here. But there are potential rewards.

Airdrop Recommendation: Omnicoin

Remember When…

Let’s go back in time to 1995. The web was known as the World Wide Web. People were still accessing the internet through AOL. And eBay was the hottest startup known to man. In fact, if you gave people a choice between investing in Amazon or eBay in 1995, more people would have chosen eBay.

How do I know this? Because endlessly debating things like Amazon vs. eBay is what we internet types did when we weren’t building new sites.

Most people think of the original eBay as an online auction site. But that doesn’t do eBay justice. The brilliance of eBay wasn’t the auction. It was the fact that eBay pioneered peer-to-peer sales on the internet.

Think about that for a second. Yes, eBay provided the platform. But it basically enabled an individual to sell something – even if it was just a broken laser pointer – directly to another individual.

EBay – and e-commerce – has come a long way since then. But peer-to-peer sales and purchasing hasn’t evolved much since then. In fact, if you factor Craigslist into the equation, you can make the argument that it’s even gone backward.

This week’s airdrop recommendation aims to change that…

OmniBazaar Is Open for Business

OmniBazaar is a decentralized peer-to-peer e-commerce marketplace (it’s even patented the technology!). Its goal is to get people to buy and sell stuff directly to each other on its platform. The platform, in theory, should be more secure (because it’s decentralized) and frictionless (because crypto makes payments easier). OmniBazaar’s currency of choice is the omnicoin token (XOM).

Just How Big Could OmniBazaar Become?

In 2017, eBay generated $9.6 billion in revenue. OmniBazaar will be extremely successful if it can capture just a small fraction of that.

OK. You’ve Convinced Me. How Do I Get One of the Tokens Airdropped to Me?

Just follow the directions on the OmniBazaar page at Airdrop Alert. The process is pretty simple. You will have to download the OmniBazaar software (which includes the wallet), follow it on Twitter and join its Telegram group.

If you follow all the directions, you’ll receive 5,000 omnicoins. That’s a $15 value. That might not sound like a lot of money. But if omnicoin takes off, it could generate impressive returns.

If you run into any problems, please contact Airdrop Alert or OmniBazaar.

Important Notes

Never give anyone your password or private keys. NO legitimate airdrop will ask for that stuff.

Never reuse your email or exchange passwords.

Also, we recommend setting up a separate email account for airdrops. Write your passwords down somewhere very safe and keep multiple copies.

Good investing,

Vin Narayanan
Senior Managing Editor, First Stage Investor

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