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Airdrop Alert: Republic Note

Airdrop Alert: Republic Note
By Adam Sharp
Date October 22, 2019

If you aren’t familiar with Republic, it’s one of our favorite startup investing sites. It finds high-quality startup investment opportunities that are open to all investors. And it’s one of the best in the business. We’ve recommended you invest in several startups raising on Republic.

One of the neat perks you get when you sign up for a Republic account is Note. Note is a digital token that Republic uses to reward investors.

Republic has big plans for its token. Republic keeps 2% of the equity raised on its platform. And eventually, it plans to transfer a small percentage of that into Notes. This is a complex legal operation, so it will take time. But the Republic team is top-notch, and I believe it’ll get it done.

This is the primary reason I believe owning Notes is worthwhile. But there are many other perks for holding Notes, which you can see here on Additional benefits include invites to live events, first looks at investment opportunities and more.

Notes don’t trade on any crypto exchanges like many other tokens/cryptocurrencies. So earning them is a long-term play that could give you upside in hundreds (and eventually thousands) of promising startups.

You earn 10 Notes simply by signing up for a Republic account. And you can earn additional Notes in a variety of ways. For example, if you refer users who sign up for Republic, you will receive an additional 10 Notes. If you write a testimonial, you can earn an additional 25 Notes. If you refer a company to Republic, and it does a raise on the site, you’ll earn 1,500 Notes. When you invest in startups on Republic, you also get rewarded with additional Notes. Your Notes will be stored in your Republic account.

You can start earning Notes by going to You’ll need to sign up for a Republic account if you don’t have one yet. You can see the full list of perks and ways to earn additional Notes here.

Important Notes

Never give anyone your email password or private keys. No legitimate airdrop will ask for that information.

Never reuse your email or exchange passwords. Always use unique, random passwords. Write them down and store them somewhere safe. We also recommend setting up a separate email account for airdrops.

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