Airdrop Alert

Airdrop Alert: (RWRD)

Airdrop Alert: (RWRD)
By Andy Gordon
Date November 6, 2018

Editor’s Note: Airdrops are free crypto. Companies use airdrops to promote use and awareness of the coin. Investors hope the coins rise in value. There’s no risk in play here. But there are potential rewards to be gained.

Airdrop Recommendation:

Today I’m recommending members take advantage of the (RWRD) airdrop.

What Is is an established leader in consumer loyalty and rewards marketing. The mission of its blockchain-based program is to add choice and benefits while reducing costs and fees to customers who participate in Rewards’ large global marketplace.

How Does It Work?

Instead of cash back or points, the consumer earns RWRD tokens. Every time members shop, they can earn “RWRD Cash” tokens that are redeemable across all merchants in the marketplace – 7,000 merchants and stores covering more than 100 million products. Putting its marketplace on the blockchain provides additional transparency between customers and merchants and should reduce fraud, loss of points and other types of manipulation.

Money Quote

From the company’s website:

“Imagine a loyalty solution that has all the advantages and none of the drawbacks of a traditional rewards program. At we have made that dream a reality by creating an innovative solution through the use of blockchain technology.”

In a Nutshell

We like this company because of its deeply experienced team, strong community engagement and well-designed website and materials. Further, it solves a real problem by offering multishop crypto cashbacks. But it’s not perfect. Its initial valuation is too high and, at least right now, it has only a few effective mechanisms to increase token value.

You can learn more about the token here.

How to Collect the Rewards Airdrop

Rewards is airdropping 57 RWRD tokens (worth approximately $11.40) to airdrop participants who sign up and create an account on

When you shop, you also earn free dash. (1 RWRD = 0.35 USD. The company has integrated the dash coin into its platform.)

This is how you get your free airdrop:

  1. Create an account on the Rewards airdrop site and use the code “AIRDROP” under “promo code.” (Skip this step if you already have a account.)
  2. Shop your favorite brands like Walmart, Staples, Nike, LightInTheBox and Home Depot.
  3. Select “Games and Promotions” in the menu bar and enter one of the contests provided.
  4. You will receive 57 RWRD (approximately $11.40) tokens in your Rewards “my account” dashboard.
  5. Airdrop tokens will be credited to your Rewards account within two weeks after the new Rewards platform goes live.
  6. Additional rewards: For every purchase you make with Rewards, receive dash cash back and a bonus of 50 RWRD tokens.

If you run into issues with the airdrop, please contact directly via its “Contact Us” page.

To clarify, I am recommending that members take advantage of the free airdrop, not buy the token.

Members should also realize that airdrops may end prematurely. (We don’t have much control over that.)

Important Notes

Never give anyone your password or private keys. NO legitimate airdrop will ask for that stuff.

Never reuse your email or exchange passwords.

Also, we recommend setting up a separate email account for airdrops. Write your passwords down somewhere very safe and keep multiple copies.

Invest early and well,

Andy “Airdrop” Gordon
Co-Founder, First Stage Investor

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