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Airdrop Recommendation: Bread (BRD)

Airdrop Recommendation: Bread (BRD)
By Adam Sharp
Date April 27, 2018

Editor’s Note: This is my first airdrop recommendation. As a reminder, an airdrop is a tool utilized by cryptocurrency projects to increase awareness and use. To clarify, I am recommending that you take advantage of the free airdrop (instructions below). I’m not recommending that you buy the token.

Anyone can register to participate in Bread’s airdrop. Once you collect your coins, they’ll be yours to hold, and hopefully they’ll rise in value.

This is our first airdrop recommendation. As a reminder, an airdrop is a tool utilized by cryptocurrency projects to increase awareness and use.

And just to clarify, I am recommending that members take advantage of the free airdrop, not buy the token.

Members should realize that airdrops may end prematurely, and we don’t have much control over that. I have spoken to the team members behind this project, and they said they will make room for all of our members.

The primary role of an airdrop is to get the attention of potential users of the coin/token.

Bread (BRD) is a perfect example. Bread makes one of the leading consumer software wallets for cryptocurrencies.

Last year, it launched its own token. The Bread team is building a rewards program around this new token.

Here’s the description from its site:

As BRD prepares to rapidly expand into all aspects of global finance, we are launching the first-ever wallet-based rewards program, built around the BRD token.

BRD tokens will unlock a long list of perks for users of the BRD platform. Token holders will enjoy discounts, sequential tiers of complementary or exclusive access to premium features, and full white glove service for our most elite customers.

Cryptocurrency wallets like Bread have a huge opportunity here to build loyal customer bases. Many people think that eventually most trading and sending will be done in wallets instead of exchanges. This is Bread’s opportunity. The wallet is a perfect place to begin building a crypto financial services business.

There’s a precedent to successful platform discount/loyalty tokens: Binance’s own coin (BNB), which has a $1.6 billion market cap. It gives users on the exchange a 50% discount on Binance fees and is wildly popular.

If Bread ends up being one of the big winners in the crypto wallet wars, there will be multiple ways to utilize it. Until then, it’s mostly a speculative asset. But it’s a free one, and it gives us the chance to learn about a new project.

To celebrate the launch of the new version of its wallet, Bread is doing a huge giveaway of its tokens to new users who download the wallet and follow its accounts on social media.

The reward for this airdrop is currently 10 Bread tokens. That’s worth about $7 today, but it could be worth much more in the future if Bread takes off. Today it’s a small token with a market cap of around $66 million.

I recommend reviewing Bread’s official site and getting to know the project.

You can learn more about Bread’s token here on

How to Collect the Bread Airdrop

Bread has partnered with to facilitate this airdrop. I’ve used the site before, and it has a good reputation within the crypto community.

Full instructions can be found here.

You’ll need to fill out the form and follow all the steps outlined on that page:

  1. Download the app to an iPhone or Android.
  2. Join Bread’s Telegram chat group (you’ll need to sign up for a Telegram account).
  3. Follow Bread on Twitter (create a new account here if you need to).

If you don’t have a Twitter or Telegram account yet, you’ll need to sign up for these services and follow Bread’s official accounts as instructed on Airdropalert.

If you run into issues with the airdrop, please contact Airdropalert or Bread directly.

Important Notes

Never give anyone your password or private keys. NO legitimate airdrop will ask for that stuff.

Never reuse your email or exchange passwords.

Also, I recommend setting up a separate email account for airdrops. Write your passwords down somewhere very safe and keep multiple copies.

Good investing,


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