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Arbit Poll: Who Should Be Allowed to Innovate?

Arbit Poll: Who Should Be Allowed to Innovate?

Bitcoin is currently trading at $10,286. Last week, the crypto markets took a small dip, which provided a nice buying opportunity. We’re curious: Did you buy on the dip?

We’d also like to know what you think of marijuana dispensaries. More specifically, how dispensaries impact the communities they’re based in. Some argue they’re good for the local community, while others say the dispensaries invite crime into their neighborhoods. In some cases, they can impact real estate prices.

Last week, Facebook fought a lengthy battle with Congress. David Marcus, head of Facebook’s cryptocurrency project, testified in the House and Senate about the company’s new Libra currency. But instead of having a constructive dialogue about how Libra could work, members of Congress used Marcus as a punching bag. They gave overwhelmingly negative feedback about Facebook’s crypto aspirations and made it clear they don’t trust the social media company to be in charge of the project.

The House has also drafted legislation that would prevent any tech company with more than $25 billion in revenue from offering any kind of payment/financial services. But big tech companies – including Facebook and other companies in the private sector – are in the best position to innovate payment services. So shouldn’t they be able to?

Take this month’s poll and let us know what you think.

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Last Month's Poll results

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