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Behind the Pick: HyperSciences Closing Fundraise on March 22

Behind the Pick: HyperSciences Closing Fundraise on March 22

HyperSciences, one of our recent recommendations, ends its fundraise on SeedInvest on Friday, March 22. In our very first Behind the Pick video, we bring you behind the scenes to see what led First Stage Investor Co-Founder Andy Gordon to recommend HyperSciences. You can read his in-depth recommendation right here to learn (or get a refresher on) what makes HyperSciences stand out.

But not everything Andy found out about HyperSciences made the official recommendation. For the first time, Andy reveals…

  • What initially drew him to HyperSciences
  • What founder and CEO Mark Russell really thinks about Elon Musk
  • The one big plus HyperSciences must hold on to
  • And much more.

If you’re interested in investing but haven’t done so, there’s still time. But don’t wait. Go to its SeedInvest page here and click on the blue “invest” box to make an investment. (If you don’t have a SeedInvest account, you’ll see a sign-up button and will need to make one in order to invest.)

Andy says of HyperSciences, “Its potential upside doesn’t come around often. When it does, you need to be opportunistic.”

Don’t miss out.

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