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Best of 2018: Cannabis

Best of 2018: Cannabis
By Allison Brickell
Date December 29, 2018

Today we’re wrapping up our series on our best reads of 2018. And we’re ending on a high note. (I apologize for nothing.)

The marijuana industry went through some big changes this year. In November’s midterm elections, voters passed marijuana ballot measures in Missouri, Utah and Michigan. Earlier this month, Congress passed a farm bill that legalizes hemp. And Ohio just got the OK to open its first dispensary.

We see huge investment potential in this sector, so we’ve been diving deeper into the cannabis industry over the past year. And you can expect to see even more coverage in 2019.

It’s All Up From Here

The cannabis industry has seen some drastic changes this year, most of which have been positive. Legal marijuana has diminished the black market, sent cannabis prices down and hit the drug cartels where it hurts.

Cannabis Lights Up the Ballot Box

Marijuana ballot measures popped up in multiple states during November’s midterm elections. One of the problems legalization proponents will likely face moving forward? The NIMBY – “not in my backyard” – mentality.

Answering the Most Pressing Cannabis Questions

Adam Sharp answers two important cannabis investment questions from investors: Is it legal for us to invest in cannabis companies? And which kinds of companies should we target?

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