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You Like Robots, but What About Dinosaur Bones?

You Like Robots, but What About Dinosaur Bones?

Dear First Stage Investor,

Two weeks ago, we polled you about some of the latest happenings in the tech and crypto worlds. We learned that 61% of you find the progression of Atlas, the humanoid robot, exciting. Only 14% of you find it terrifying. That’s good to know when we cover robotics

When we asked how you felt about net neutrality, we learned that 52% of you feel net neutrality is necessary. Here’s a thoughtful follow-up response that stood out:

The internet should be engineered to survive on its own (anti-net neutrality long term), but the government has heavily manipulated the marketplace for bandwidth providers so something is needed until there is truly a competitive marketplace (pro net neutrality short term).

We also learned that 70% of you hold cryptocurrency, and only 10% trade. We agree with your philosophy!

This week, we’re diving into dinosaur bones… and more. You can participate in the survey below.

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