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Airdrop Alert: Republic Note

By Adam Sharp on October 22, 2019

This week’s airdrop is the Republic Note, a digital token that comes from one of our favorite startup investing sites.

Airdrop Alert: Beowulf

By Vin Narayanan on October 1, 2019

This week’s airdrop is Beowulf, a project using blockchain and artificial intelligence to create a decentralized communications network.

Airdrop Alert: Litecoin

By Allison Brickell on September 17, 2019

Today’s airdrop is litecoin, one of the First Stage Investor crypto portfolio coins.

Airdrop Alert: Rhovit

By Andy Gordon on September 3, 2019

Today’s airdrop is Rhovit, a rewards-based content platform that pays both creators and viewers.

Airdrop Alert: EOS and Dai

By Adam Sharp on August 20, 2019

For this week’s airdrop, we’re turning to Coinbase Earn. New arrivals include EOS, an Ethereum competitor, and Dai, a decentralized stablecoin.

Airdrop Alert: Althea

By Vin Narayanan on August 6, 2019

Today’s airdrop, Althea, wants to bring you a decentralized internet service that’s faster, cheaper and better than what traditional internet service providers can provide.

Airdrop Alert: Fesschain

By Allison Brickell on July 23, 2019

Today’s airdrop is Fesschain, a multilayered blockchain platform that integrates artificial intelligence to create a better electronic settlement system.

Airdrop Alert: Rally

By Vin Narayanan on July 9, 2019

This week’s airdrop is Rally, a social media rewards system that wants you - not social media companies - to earn money for your data.

Airdrop Alert: Divi and MyCointainer

By Andy Gordon on June 25, 2019

This week’s airdrop is a partnership between Divi and MyCointainer. Both are striving to make the overall crypto experience easier.

Airdrop Alert: Knocknock Network

By Allison Brickell on June 11, 2019

Identity theft is a massive problem. Knocknock Network wants to fix it.

Energi Airdrop Worth Revisiting

By Adam Sharp on May 28, 2019

Energi has performed so well since its last airdrop that it's worth trying to obtain more free Energi coins.

Airdrop Alert: Slothee

By Vin Narayanan on May 14, 2019

LinkedIn doesn’t have much competition. This week’s airdrop is looking to change that.

Earn Basic Attention Tokens for Using Brave

By Andy Gordon on April 30, 2019

Airdrops are a great way to earn free crypto. But even better than a temporary airdrop is a crypto giveaway without a deadline. That’s what Brave offers. Brave, headed by co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich (creator of the JavaScript programming language and former Mozilla CEO), is a privacy-focused browser…

Airdrop Alert: Belacam

By Allison Brickell on April 16, 2019

Belacam is a social media site that rewards engaging content.
Coinbase is offering a unique opportunity for users to earn different cryptos in return for learning about them.

Airdrop Alert: Presearch

By Vin Narayanan on March 19, 2019

This week’s airdrop is Presearch, a company that thinks Google has too much power.