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Behind the Pick: A Pleasant Vetting Surprise

By Andy Gordon on February 18, 2021

Last week I recommended reusable respirator manufacturer Canopy to you. My reasoning for liking this company goes far beyond meeting growing market demand. Effective masks are not a “nice to have” product. Lives are at risk. Masks are a must-have. But the available N95 masks have major flaws. Masks save lives — but only if the mask is worn and actually works. Enter Canopy. Its respirators — which are N95 alternatives…
Deal Details Startup: SnapDNA Security type: Crowd SAFE Discount: 10% Valuation (cap): $28 million Minimum investment: $150 Where to invest: Republic Deadline: April 28, 2021…

Behind the Pick: Phoenix PharmaLabs

By Early Investing on March 25, 2019

First Stage Investor Co-Founder Andy Gordon takes a deeper dive into why he likes Phoenix Pharma Labs so much and the "X" factor that put them over the top.

Behind the Pick: Ample Foods

By Early Investing on March 21, 2019

Ample Foods’ fundraise ends next week. Here’s an inside look at why Adam Sharp believes in this company... and why you should invest.
In our first-ever Behind the Pick, we take you behind the scenes to learn more about why Andy Gordon recommended HyperSciences.