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Don’t Miss This Investing Opportunity

Don’t Miss This Investing Opportunity

Dear First Stage Investor,

We’ve been talking about DSTLD a lot lately, but it’s for good reason. The startup has more than 60,000 customers, more than $12 million in lifetime sales and a compounded annual sales growth of 194%.

It’s the only startup we’ve recommended twice… ever.

As Andy said in his original recommendation, DSTLD has gone above and beyond in several important areas: sales, customer growth, cost efficiency, profit margin expansion, product line expansion and supply line management.

And with a $3 trillion global apparel market, DSTLD has room to grow much, much bigger.

In an interview with Andy in our March issue, DSTLD co-founder Mark Lynn said…

We’re very excited about our year-on-year nearly 100% revenue growth – not because we think it’ll attract bigger companies wanting to buy us out but because our growth record to date gives us a way to become that bigger company if we choose to go down that path.

And in an exciting update from the DSTLD team, we learned that the company is “aggressively pursuing liquidity options for investors in 2018.” No guarantees yet, but the outlook is very positive.

If you haven’t yet invested in DSTLD, you’ll want to get in right away – the last day to invest in its current round is tomorrow, March 23. Visit its SeedInvest page here.

The startup has a reasonable $30 million valuation. The current share price is $0.50, and the minimum investment is $1,000.

To learn more about DSTLD, take a look at our September 2017 recommendation.

The deal terms are below.

Minimum investment: $1,000
Security type:
Preferred equity
Pre-money valuation:
$30 million
Industry: Apparel
March 23, 2018
Investment portal:

Good investing,

Allison Brickell
Managing Editor, First Stage Investor

P.S. Another one of our recommendations, Home61, will end its raise on April 16. Just another one to keep in mind.

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