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Don’t Miss Out on Startup Deals Like I Did

Don’t Miss Out on Startup Deals Like I Did
By Adam Sharp
Date October 27, 2020

A few years back, I was invited to invest in — a meditation app. “Meditation app?!” I thought. And then I quickly dismissed the deal.

It’s gone on to be an absolutely massive winner. The company has grown incredibly — it’s now reportedly raising at a $2.2 billion valuation. 

Missing out on an opportunity like that is a bummer. But the best thing we can do is try to learn from these mistakes. My lesson here was that no matter how weird a deal seems, always at least take a look. If I had, I’d have seen impressive growth and potential. 

The other lesson here is that big ideas often seem odd at first glance. Looking back at my own history, I can see some of my biggest successes probably did look very odd to some people. FabFitFun — for example — is a subscription service that delivers quarterly packages with beauty, fitness and wellness goodies. That seems… unconventional. But it’s been a huge success. It’s probably my biggest winner to date. 

Every big VC has a dozen stories about the one that got away. But the best ones still manage to make money. There are always good deals to be found in startup-land — even if you don’t recognize them at first glance. You just have to dig in a bit to find them.

So if you have time, at least take a quick look at every deal you’re invited to participate in. It doesn’t take long to get a read on whether a startup is worth taking a chance on. And you never know when you’ll find something big.

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