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Energi Airdrop Worth Revisiting

Energi Airdrop Worth Revisiting
By Adam Sharp
Date May 28, 2019

Remember: We are not recommending you purchase this coin, as it is highly speculative and unproven, but an airdrop requires only a little work on social media.

Energi (NRG) is a relatively new cryptocurrency that launched last year. It is a proof of stake cryptocurrency with a masternode system. It has a self-funding treasury system to pay for development (a portion of transaction fees are automatically sent to a treasury account where the community decides how to best spend it). The project plans to implement smart contracts later this year.

This airdrop has a value of up to $245 (if you complete every action and refer the maximum number of friends – most people will receive significantly less).

Energi has performed well since it launched in mid-2018. Energi is up 770% since its debut, and its current market cap remains low at around $38 million. With crypto entering another bull market, I believe this is an excellent airdrop candidate.

Energi had no ICO or “premining phase” and plans to distribute its coins widely via airdrops. This should be a positive for price action because there aren’t groups of whales who bought cheap coins early waiting to sell.

Energi trades on KuCoin, a well-known crypto exchange. So once you get your coins, you can sell them there or hold on to them as a long-term speculation.

Here is how Energi describes the project on

Energi significantly improves under the self-funded governance concepts found in projects such as dash and smartcash and has one of the largest treasury funds in the cryptocurrency space. Energi aims to introduce and bring cryptocurrency to the masses and opted not to pre-mine and not to do an ICO. Instead, they will conduct multiple rounds of Earndrops to disperse rewards for people who engage with their community.

You can learn more about Energi on its official homepage or watch an intro video on YouTube.

Note: This airdrop is available only to residents of the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

How to Claim Your NRG Tokens

First, head over to’s Energi airdrop page. You will find full instructions on how to earn your rewards there. You will be required to perform social media actions, such as following Energi’s official Twitter account, LinkedIn account, Facebook page, etc.

You must complete at least two social media actions and pass KYC (know your customer) to receive your NRG tokens. There is a note at the bottom stating, “Manual validation can take a long time, for questions please go to the Energi Telegram group.” It sounds like it may take a while to receive your rewards, so everyone should realize this going in.

Important: We cannot help you complete this airdrop. If you have questions or need help, follow the instructions on

Good investing,

Adam Sharp

Co-Founder, First Stage Investor

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