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Fidelity Closer to Launching Crypto Services, Bitcoin Moves Up

Fidelity Closer to Launching Crypto Services, Bitcoin Moves Up
By Adam Sharp
Date February 22, 2019

Dear Member,

The past year has been a brutal period for crypto investors. However, there are encouraging signs that the bear market may be ending.

First, we’ve seen promising price action on strong volume. Over the past week, bitcoin has risen from $3,600 to near $4,000. It’s not a huge move, but the important thing is that volume was strong. This doesn’t mean we’re in the clear yet, but it is a clear bullish signal. Altcoins have also been in rally mode lately, leading many to speculate that it may soon be “altseason” (a period when altcoins outperform bitcoin).

Secondly, we have the Fidelity Digital Assets launch coming up in March. This is the primary catalyst I’m currently watching. As you know, Fidelity is an absolute giant in the financial world, boasting $7.2 trillion in assets under management. Soon this juggernaut will be offering cryptocurrency services to its huge Rolodex of institutional clients.

How quickly will big financial firms move into crypto? That’s the real question. I’m optimistic that institutional investors will jump on the opportunity to buy into crypto at such a large discount from all-time highs.

Financial uncertainty is only increasing across the world. Central banks are losing credibility. And crypto offers an opportunity to diversify into alternative, uncorrelated assets. Once a few big players jump into the game, I believe the rush will be on.

Back in December, we heard that Fidelity may add five to seven altcoins to its platform, based on client demand. This would be extremely bullish for high-quality altcoins.

New Pick Next Week

I’m currently working on a recommendation that should be ready next week. I do apologize that it’s been a while since our last pick. But please understand that almost every coin has gone down steadily over the past few months. It hasn’t made sense to make a lot of new picks in such an environment. We have been moving cautiously, and I believe this has been the right approach.

When the market turns bullish, we will make up for lost time. I am also working on a way to thank and reward our members for hanging in there with us during this bear market. There will be another crypto bull market, and I want members to be able to benefit from this service when it comes back around.

If you’ve made it this far into the bear market, congratulations. It’s certainly not easy. I strongly believe our patience will be rewarded in the next bull market, and that could start any day.

Good investing,


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