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Last Chance to Invest in Disrupting CVS and Walgreens

Last Chance to Invest in Disrupting CVS and Walgreens
By Andy Gordon
Date June 15, 2020

Time is running out to invest in NowRx. When we urged you to invest last November, it was a compelling opportunity. Since then, it’s gone from compelling to irresistible. Growth has taken off.

And Friday is your last chance to invest in this very impressive healthcare startup.

Here’s what I said when I recommended NowRx to you last November…

With a lightweight physical imprint and the latest tech tools, NowRX operates at a fraction of what it costs traditional pharmacies to sell to the public. It’s developed an end-to-end fully automated dispensing process driven by robotics and artificial intelligence. Amazingly, nobody has run away with the free same-day delivery meds business. Not even Amazon. NowRx is in a strong position to dominate this massive $335 billion ripe-for-disruption market space. I’ve done the vetting. This is truly an outstanding opportunity.

I had no way of knowing at the time that a pandemic would put NowRx on a much faster growth track than anyone anticipated. Neither did NowRx. Cary Breese, the co-founder and CEO of NowRx, told me last week that NowRx is attracting “more interest from doctors, customers, and strategic partners than ever before. And also from investors.”

The company expanded its facilities from two to four. A fifth will open soon in Mesa, Arizona (its first one outside of California). By the end of the year, Cary expects to have nine active facilities.

NowRx also has more customers now. From January to the end of May this year, NowRx took in 80% more new customers than in the same period last year. And it’s on the way to more than doubling revenue. NowRx generated $9 million in 2019. Cary expects that number to reach $20 million this year.

COVID-19, Cary said, has accelerated growth in ways both expected and unexpected. Zoom calls are an example of the unexpected, he told me. “You’re on a Zoom call with your doctor, you’re in your pajamas, and you feel lousy. The last thing you want to do is get dressed and go to the pharmacy to pick up your meds.”

With NowRx, of course, you don’t have to. Your meds come the same day, and delivery is free. You can even get them delivered within the hour for a small $5 fee. “It’s what customers want,” he said. “Pharmacies aren’t doing it. Some mail the meds to you. CVS and Walgreens are beginning to experiment with next day delivery. Other delivery services come with strings attached. But same day delivery free of charge? Seems to be beyond their capabilities.”

Another thing taking off is NowRx’s raise. Before the pandemic, NowRx had raised $7-8 million. Now it’s up to $15 million and still climbing. “The max is $20 million,” Cary said. “I expect it’ll be oversubscribed by Friday, the last day.”

So if you want to invest, you should do it soon. I think today or tomorrow would be best. If you wait until the end of the week, it may be too late. Just click here to go to the SeedInvest site where NowRx is raising.

There’s no guarantee that NowRx will be crowdfunding in the future. This is probably your last chance to invest. The market is booming. The company’s growth is surging. And remarkably, the opportunity to invest is still there for you. But only if you act soon. So click here if you’re interested. And cross your fingers that you’re still in time.

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