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News Fix: The Two-Minute Drill Version

News Fix: The Two-Minute Drill Version
By Vin Narayanan
Date October 26, 2019

For the News Fix, this is the best time of the year. Why? Because every year, there are about seven days where baseball (MLB), football (college and pro), basketball (NBA) and hockey (NHL) are all in season at the same time. And if you’re a horse racing fan, you get the Breeders’ Cup next week.

That’s as good as it gets in the sports world. The Fix will be mostly glued to the TV this weekend watching sports. So in honor of this most sporting time of year, we offer up our own two-minute drill – all the news you need in two minutes or less.

On to the News Fix!


Golden parachute for Neumann: Sometimes, the long con works. SoftBank is giving former WeWork CEO and co-founder Adam Neumann what amounts to $1.7 billion to walk away from the company. But $500 million of that money is to pay off loans, so Neumann nets around $1.2 billion (CNN Business). Meanwhile, WeWork is considering laying off thousands of employees (Crunchbase News).

Indian startups have record year: The U.S. startup ecosystem isn’t the only one that’s booming. India is having a record 2019. Indian startups have already raised $11.3 billion this year. That’s up from $10.5 billion last year (TechCrunch).


Don’t light up in public in Miami Beach: The city of Miami Beach, Florida, has made smoking marijuana and hemp in public illegal (Miami New Times).

U.S. Senate ponders marijuana research: It’s extremely difficult to conduct quality research on marijuana because the federal government severely restricts it. This week, the Senate finally got around to wondering how to improve the situation (Marijuana Moment).


Bitcoin options coming to Bakkt: The new crypto trading platform will allow options trading on futures contracts starting in December (Reuters).

Congress still freaking out over Libra: Libra is going nowhere quickly. But politicians are still mad at Facebook (Cointelegraph).

And that’s your News Fix, in two minutes or less.

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