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Recommendation: Reinvest in NowRx

Recommendation: Reinvest in NowRx
By Early Investing
Date November 4, 2019

Dear First Stage Investor,

We’ve got a special treat for you in today’s Startup Insider video. We interviewed the founders of First Stage Investor portfolio company NowRx. NowRx uses artificial intelligence and robotics to provide low-cost medication and free same-day delivery.


When we first recommended NowRx in July 2018, we were impressed by the company’s strategic attack on the brick-and-mortar pharmacy industry. Now the company is doing a second raise on SeedInvest. And we think you should reinvest (or get in for the first time if you haven’t invested yet). So to learn more about NowRx, watch Part 1 of our Startup Insider interview and check out our recommendation. We’ll be releasing Parts 2 and 3 of the interview over the next few weeks.

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