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Startup Insider: InnaMed Co-Founder Discusses Medtech

Startup Insider: InnaMed Co-Founder Discusses Medtech

InnaMed is one of the rare startups that has earned a thumbs up from Andy Gordon twice. It’s current raise — which Andy believes is a very good investment opportunity — closes on May 28. 

With just two weeks to go in the raise, InnaMed co-founder Anup Singh joined Andy and me on Startup Insider. He shares what InnaMed is working on, the progress it’s made so far, what the company will use the money it’s raising for and much more.


One of the more interesting parts of today’s discussion focuses on FDA approval — specifically why InnaMed doesn’t need it to generate revenue now and how eventual FDA approval will really change the dynamic. 

And as I mentioned earlier, InnaMed’s raise on Wefunder closes on May 28.

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