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Startup Insider: When a Startup Is Worth the Hype

Startup Insider: When a Startup Is Worth the Hype

Sometimes it can seem like every founder claims that their company is “revolutionary.” Startups love to highlight how innovative they are. They’re doing something no one else has managed to do. They’re changing the world.

Of course, many of those startups aren’t nearly as revolutionary as they claim to be. Some seem simply too good to be true… and they end up failing.

Others seem too good to be true… but they might actually have a shot at success.

The latter certainly seems to be the case with Avadain, our most recent startup recommendation. The company manufactures a super material called graphene flakes. Graphene is lightweight and incredibly strong. It has hundreds of potential use cases. And Avadain wants to produce it at a scale that’s never been done before. 

In this episode of Startup Insider, Andy Gordon and Allison Brickell discuss why Avadain decided to go the crowdfunding route and why Andy thinks this startup is likely destined for massive success.

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