Startup Investing Master Class

Startup Investing Master Class: How to Bag a Unicorn

Startup Investing Master Class: How to Bag a Unicorn
By Early Investing
Date January 14, 2020

Startup investors have the opportunity to invest in some of the most exciting and fast-growing companies in the world. If they build a strong portfolio, they’ll land a handful of winners that reward them with at least 10 times their original investment.

And if they build a really strong portfolio, they’ll land a unicorn.

A unicorn, or a company with a valuation of more than $1 billion, rewards early investors with massive gains – hopefully ranging from 200 to 500 times their original investment (or more).

But unicorns, as the name implies, are relatively rare. They’re not your average startup. And by the time a startup reaches a billion-dollar valuation, it’s too late for the average investor to make a decent return on an investment.

So how do you identify and invest in those startups before they reach that coveted unicorn status?

That’s what Andy Gordon’s final Startup Investing Master Class is all about. Andy explains the strict requirements that a startup must meet in order to become a unicorn, including exceptional metrics, exceptional founders and much more.

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