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Our speculative portfolio coin Haven Protocol has bounced back pretty well from its recent troubles. It had an incident back in July where a hacker exploited a vulnerability. But Haven recently launched a successful fork of version 2.0. (Note the nice social traction on the Twitter announcement. There’s definitely a growing community.)  Haven is trading around $12 today, far above our recommendation price. So if you’re still holding and want to…

2020 Turned Into a Great Year for Crypto

By Adam Sharp on December 31, 2020

It’s been an amazing year in crypto! We had a nasty dip in the spring — followed by a roaring comeback once people realized crypto was created for these economic times (massive money printing and even lower interest rates).  Things are truly starting to get interesting…

Crypto Monitor: Tiny Coin Shows Big Growth

By Early Investing on July 10, 2020

Haven Protocol (xHV) is on a tear this year. When we recorded Crypto Monitor on Thursday, it was up about 26% from when Adam recommended it in the fall of 2018. As of this writing, it’s up 39% since Adam’s initial recommendation and 1169% in 2020. So what’s…