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A Unique Startup Investment Opportunity

A Unique Startup Investment Opportunity
By Vin Narayanan
Date January 12, 2021

As many of you know, the Early Investing team joined forces with KingCrowd last year. KingsCrowd is a startup whose goal is to provide all investors with institutional grade ratings and analytics for the startup space. In essence, it wants to become the Morningstar or Moody’s for the startup space.

KingsCrowd has started by rating all Regulation CF (crowdfunding) deals. From there, KingsCrowd is moving into Regulation A+ deals. And then it’ll start moving into later stage deals (Series B, C, D etc.) and accredited investor deals. The goal is to rate every deal in the private markets. And right now, KingsCrowd is the only organization we know of doing this sort of thing.

We were thrilled to join forces with KingsCrowd because our missions are so aligned — providing investors the information they need to make informed startup investing decisions. And hopefully, some you have already tried KingsCrowd’s ratings system!

Now KingsCrowd — as startups do periodically — is raising capital. And they’re asking accredited investors like you to invest in them. KingsCrowd will use the funds to improve and expand its ratings system along with Early Investing‘s offerings. And the more money KingsCrowd raises, the more likely all of us are to reach our goal — a startup investing ecosystem that works for everyone, big and small.

If you’re interested in investing in KingsCrowd, you should head over to its raise page and check it out.

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