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Update: VirZOOM Now Open for Investment

Update: VirZOOM Now Open for Investment
By Andy Gordon
Date April 3, 2017

Great news – VirZOOM is now officially open for investment.

If you recall, we gave you a sneak preview of this groundbreaking virtual reality startup in our March issue of First Stage Investor.

And today its fundraise went live on

VirZOOM makes a specialized exercise bike and games used with the bike.

What’s more, VirZOOM is building a national network of vSports centers. They’re a combination of VR arcades, eSports arenas and LAN (local area network) gaming centers that have VirZOOM bikes and VR gaming consoles.

This and many more details on the VirZOOM opportunity are in our original sneak preview.

The one thing I didn’t talk about in my original write-up is the valuation. It’s $8 million post-money (meaning after it raises its minimum target of $500,000).

This is in the range of what I was expecting when I sent you the preview of the company, but since it wasn’t official at that time, I couldn’t talk about it with you. Now I can.

And I can say we believe the valuation easily meets our standards as a reasonable amount.

Also of note, VirZOOM says that if it doesn’t reach its target of $500,000 by the May 15 deadline, your money will be refunded.

And lastly, VirZOOM may issue additional securities to raise up to $999,999 (the offering’s maximum).

We’re very pleased that VirZOOM has decided to proceed with its online raise. It’s a remarkable opportunity to back a high-caliber startup in a sector with the explosive growth potential that virtual reality has.

Invest early and well,

New Update: VirZOOM Now Open for Investment on

In our haste to get VirZOOM’s investment information to you as soon as possible today, we forgot to share with you the live links to So click right here to get to Netcapital’s companies page. You can then scroll down the page to VirZOOM and click “View offering.”

Or go directly to VirZOOM’s offering page by clicking right here.

You don’t have to sign up to view VirZOOM’s investment offering. But to make the actual investment, you will need to register with Netcapital. You can do so by clicking “Sign up” right here.

These links will get you started. Netcapital provides easy-to-follow instructions for both registering and investing.

Good luck,

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