Updates From Vegas: First Stage Investor Cannabis Report

Updates From Vegas: First Stage Investor Cannabis Report
By Allison Brickell
Date December 3, 2018

Back in mid-November, First Stage Investor Co-Founder Adam Sharp and Senior Managing Editor Vin Narayanan attended MJBizCon, a massive marijuana business conference in Las Vegas.

Both Adam and Vin were blown away by the sheer number of exhibitors – more than 25,000 in all areas of the cannabis industry: growers, distributors, extractors, payment companies, compliance companies, equipment manufacturers…

And this is an industry that’s not yet fully legal. Just imagine what this conference will look like if marijuana is fully legalized.

In this video update, Adam and Vin discuss some fascinating companies they discovered at the conference (including one “predatory pest control” company and one medicinal company), how exhibitors’ businesses are booming, how the marijuana industry is integrating into the U.S. economy and more.

Good investing,

Allison Brickell
Assistant Managing Editor, First Stage Investor

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