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I Want Your Feedback on Bitcoin

I Want Your Feedback on Bitcoin
By Adam Sharp
Date December 14, 2017

Dear First Stage Investor,

What a week! Here’s where our portfolio stands (as of December 14, 2017)…

  • Litecoin: $280.85
  • Bitcoin: $16,300.00
  • Ethereum: $678.44
  • New Economy Movement: $0.51.

As I write, all our positions are in the green. Since we made our initial recommendations, we’re now up

  • 376% on bitcoin
  • 128% on Ethereum
  • 477% on Litecoin
  • 83% on NEM.

As you know, I believe we’re still in the early stages of this bull run. Short term, we may see a pullback, but long term, the bullish case is intact and stronger than ever.

If you’re itching to take some profits, there’s nothing wrong with doing so. My recommendation would be to sell a minority of your holdings and keep the bulk invested. I’ll have more updates on our current positions soon.

In the meantime, I want to hear from you… specifically, I want to hear your thoughts on cryptocurrencies.

First Stage Investor members who bought bitcoin on our initial bitcoin recommendation are now up more than 300%. We’re also up nicely on Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

It’s been an impressive run so far, but this cryptocurrency bull market is most likely not even close to over.

Our cryptocurrency investment strategy remains the same: Buy and hold, and add to your position on dips if possible.

I believe bitcoin could hit $35,000 or higher next year.

I’d love to hear if you’ve taken advantage of our cryptocurrency recommendations – and if First Stage Investor has helped educate you about the cryptocurrency space.

Just by reading First Stage Investor, you’re making a choice to get the latest and greatest investment opportunities outside the stock market.

So, if you don’t mind, I’d very much appreciate your feedback. I’ve created a quick one- to two-minute survey… I promise to read each and every response.

Click here to take it.

Good investing,

Adam Sharp
Co-Founder, First Stage Investor

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